What could have been done

Take a look at what we believe should have happened, and see if you agree with our opinion or not.

It’s obvious that process overtook common sense for a moment. However, we do need to take into account that passenger safety is the number one priority. 

We would recommend that the film taken by another passenger should be used for training. Turn the whole incident into a case study. Turning the incident into a training lesson provides an opportunity to learn and improve. We would not recommend any disciplinary action. We would ask the flight attendant the same questions we’ve been asking you. The objective would be to create better awareness rather than defensiveness. 

The fact is that the damage was limited because there seems to be no record of the gentleman submitting a complaint. Sometimes you’re lucky with customers, they often don’t complain to the company when they are unhappy. The father in this story didn’t go to the press.

We found out that he not only got an apology, but the airline has put him on to the next flight to Atlanta. So, on this occasion, there was no real damage done to the brand, even though it went viral.

People complain everyday but the vast majority do not go viral. The reason this went viral was because it was filmed and shared. If it had not been filmed, it’s doubtful anyone would have made a fuss.  

It’s very important to be aware if someone is filming in your showroom or service center. If someone is filming a child or any other customer complaining, it’s important to be aware and take the right action. We wouldn’t recommend you ask the person filming to stop. This could create another incident. Now you have doubled the problem. Stay calm. Control your tone and body language, and whenever possible, stand between you and the person filming in order to make it difficult to get the incident on film.

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