The pandemic has turned the world upside down and changed our lives. Workshops are one of the casualties. Most of our workshop up to this point has been done in a traditional manner. That is face to face with a trainer/coach in a classroom environment.

That’s just not possible at the moment. Maybe we will go back to the old way of doing it, or maybe not!

Local and in-house trainers will still deliver content. However, due to travel restrictions it’s impossible right now for specialists to travel the globe. Actually, the re-evaluation of how we work leads us to question whether it makes sense or not to ever go back to the old ways of training. Now is the time to start on a new direction.

Mindset: Real effort is required from you too. You need to have an open mind. At first, it may feel strange when you start to participate in the Frameworks Online programs. It’s easy to be cynical, and easy to complain. Any new journey is strange and can sometimes be difficult at the outset but we strongly recommend you stick with it.