Case study

Kindly shared by our MB friends in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Middle-aged businesswoman and C200 owner, Ms. Kao, visited a Service Center in Taipei for a scheduled service. She was wearing a mask and gloves as required by law in Taiwan. The service adviser, James Linh (not his real name), greeted her and introduced himself. Ms. Kao kept her distance and noticeably kept backing away. By reading her body language, it was obvious that Ms. Kao took social distancing and hygiene very seriously. While James was explaining the service process, she took out a small bottle of sanitizer and continuously applied it to her hands. He invited her to take a seat but before she sat down, she started to clean her chair with a sanitizer wipe. She mentioned the chair was dirty and proved so by showing him the dirty sanitizer wipe. James said nothing and smiled behind his mask. 

Very politely, James asked to see her national identity card (mandatory Taiwan process). Ms. Kao opened her purse and removed her ID card using a pair of chopsticks and she passed the ID card to James using the chopsticks. He was a little shocked by her behavior and, according to Ms. Kao, he laughed. 

James followed the process and correctly explained what repairs were required on her vehicle. Once done and agreed, he asked her to provide a signature. He offered the customer his pen…she wouldn’t extend her hand to take the pen but instead stood up and asked for a manager. She told the manager that James was not taking the COVID-19 situation seriously. By now, Ms. Kao was visibly upset and shaking with anger. 

Gloves Case study

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