Complaint management is an essential component of customer service and business success. Complaints are generally seen as negative and do cause stress for frontline personnel. Let’s change that.

Complaint management behavior issues are often overlooked in the complaint management process, the interactive exchange between you and the consumer.

Your behavior is at the root of all consumer complaint behavior and determines the ultimate satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the consumer. Learn techniques of how to control your behavior and as a result, reduce the heat in most situations.


1| First line of defense

An alternative to blaming your company and customer

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2| Change your mindset

Convert negative complaint to positive feedback

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3| Rant, rave, complain and praise

When customers don’t voice their complaint, we lose the opportunity to redress the problem

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4| Traffic light system

Don’t sweat the small stuff…How to evaluate

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5| Corrective behaviors

Recognizing and responding to customer experience breakdowns in a timely and effective manner.

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6| Proactive action

How to lessen the impact and overall number of future complaints.

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7| Response lingo

Simple scripts, words and phrases that reduce tension and build trust

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8| Turn theory into practice

The essential do’s and the don’ts (Behavior Tracking)

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