Program Overview

What is this program about?

This is a behavior program. It’s designed for you who are working in a customer-facing role (frontline).  You will learn behavioral skills that allow you to take control of customers with confidence and enthusiasm. You will be empowered to move beyond your comfort zone in order to attain breakthrough goals. The program offers clear practical solutions that provide certainty and consistency by sharing behavior techniques that are practical and can be measured.

Anti-stress and enhanced motivation training have been integrated to meet the unique challenge of bringing the frontline back to optimized levels of performance following the Covid-19 crisis. This will help you lower the negative effects of work stress which can result in decreased performance.

There are 4 elements in this program; Elevation, Breakout, Resolve, and Tracker. There will be 6 to 8 lessons under the Elevation, Breakout, and Resolve elements. Tracker will be introduced to you by the end of the Elevation stage.

Program length: 5 months. 

When does this program start?

We will launch the new lesson on 15 September 2020. Please ensure that you have completed Orientation and the first two lessons beforehand.

You can easily find those lessons once you log-in to your account.

What should I prepare?

  • This program is designed to work on an internet-connected desktop or laptop computer running the latest version of the Chrome or Firefox web browser. 
  • Although the lessons can be accessed with a mobile phone, we encourage you to use a laptop or desktop computer for a better and smoother learning experience.
  • In addition to written text, we are using a lot of video lessons as one of our methods. Using earphones make it easier to focus and cut out distractions. We recommend you to use earphones for a better experience.
  • Each lesson will be published every week (on Tuesday), which allows you to have a full 7-days to complete it. Announcements will be sent to your email automatically when the lesson becomes available.
  • Each lesson consists of 1-3 hours of materials per week, plus some additional time to engage with peers in required group exercises and discussions of the content. We, therefore, recommend budgeting 1-3 hours per week for the entire course of the program and schedule specific times to complete the lessons efficiently. 

How to access the program?

  • You need to register/sign up for Frameworks Online. If you have already registered, you do not need to re-register.
  • Once registered, log in to your account using the correct username/email address and password. 
  • Ensure that you are enrolled in the lesson to start.
  • Access to previous lessons is available to you until the end of the program.

How to maximize the benefits from this online program?

  • Go into this with a positive mindset.
  • Use the flexibility of online engagement to learn at times that suit your personal routine, with less distractions.
  • Remember that behavior affects your entire life. The more you work on improving it, the better chance you’ll have of succeeding in all aspects.

Will I be certified?

  • When you complete the entire program and meet all the weekly deadlines, yes, you will be certified.

What if I can’t complete the lesson in the required timeline?

  • If, for any emergency reasons, you are unable to complete the lesson within the required timeframe, please inform your Success Partner or our team at at least 5 days prior to the deadline.
  • The reason for the excused absence and the length of time required to be away must be made clear in your message.
  • Our team will then provide you with instructions on how to continue your lessons on your return.
  • By informing either your Success Partner or us, you are securing your spot to be certified. 
  • Missing the deadline 3 times with no information beforehand will result in no certification provided. However, you can still enroll and complete the rest of the lessons.
  • Please be informed that the maximum period allowed for any excused absence is two weeks (14 days).

What if I need any support?

  • We provide 24 hours live chat support on the website. You are also able to reach out to us by email.
  • You also have one-to-one access to coaches (by appointment).
  • The website and programs are available for you on- and off-site.
  • Supporting links and materials are available at all times.