Passion for Excellence 2.0

The Passion for Excellence program laid the foundations in creating a culture that embraces the concept of behavior change. Passion for Excellence 2.0, the next stage opens up the program to all to share and benefit.

It enables all frontline persons to improve their performance behaviors, specifically within the context of customer relationship development.

Passion for Excellence 2.0 empowers participants to change their performance behaviors according to a standard pattern.


Passion for Excellence 2.0 has been updated to take into account the impact of COVID-19 on business and human behavior by the pandemic.

The fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic has been immense. Issues such as job insecurity, low motivation, poor mental health, and workplace stress have taken their toll. These issues need to be addressed urgently. Passion for Excellence 2.0 provides clear answers and simple techniques that ensure participants feel confident and secure in the new normal working environment.

New Features​

Passion for Excellence 2.0 has been converted into a fully digital model that allows for a speedy, efficient, and effective online experience.

Elevation shares behavior awareness and new behavior techniques. It’s available to all frontline departments, including anyone that attended previous workshops as well as those that have not.

A key to success is Frameworks one of a kind Behavior Tracker. The tracker acts as a sustainability tool, helping ensure dysfunctional behaviors are replaced with optimal ones. The tracker is simple to use and is available on a mobile app. It provides management with a tool to measure frontline performance in relation to the benchmark performance and delivers data on their team’s proficiencies and deficiencies as they relate to frontline behaviors.

It’s available to all frontline departments, including anyone that attended previous workshops as well as those that have not.

It's Vital​

It should not be confused with traditional or current training programs. It is not a luxury but rather an essential weapon in ensuring frontline teams are equipped to be able to adapt with confidence to the new normal and at the same time are able to provide a high-level performance that meets the expectations of today’s customers.

How does it work?​

Video explanations and demonstrations are followed with back-up written content. The content will end with a set of questions designed to measure knowledge absorption rates. As a participant, you can’t access the next video or content until you have completed the questions.

You will be provided with a timeline and must complete all components within the stated time frame.

The delivery format gives you the chance to go back and re-do any part of the program. The outcome is better knowledge absorption and stops you from falling behind.

You can’t skip ahead or miss any of the information as you must provide answers before being allowed to continue.

The delivery method provides you with a choice of how to engage. You may choose to engage alone or you can engage in a group. It’s up to your management as to how they want the team to engage. It also allows for staff working from home to fully engage.

Once the content has been delivered and digested, Frameworks will conduct a wrap-up, live web event, more in the style of a town hall event rather than a typical webinar. The broadcast will provide you with the opportunity to share experiences and ask any questions that you wish.

Passion for Excellence 2.0

The 4 Elements


Look, sound and act like an expert. Perform at a level that meets the high expectations of the customer. That’s the purpose of elevation. We provide you with the skills that do exactly that.


Many of us have faced uncertainty and high levels of stress. We need to learn how to manage our stress and behavior change may be the most effective way.


Complaint management is an essential component of customer service and business success. Complaints are generally seen as negative and do cause stress for frontline personnel.


Behavior change does not happen overnight and needs a period of continuous encouragement and reminders. Our Behavior Tracker allows for a completely new approach to embedding a service culture.