Frontline Program

This program primarily designed for both two- and four-wheeled vehicle frontline salespeople. Sales program unifies frontline standards through behavior change. It combines sales processes with the human skills necessary to interact successfully with customers – meaning the quality of relationships ensures targeted sales results can be achieved.


  • In-depth best practice video demonstrations with subtitles
  • Supporting explanatory text and images
  • Case studies and guided discussions
  • Simulation exercises and roleplay that relates to day-to-day work issues


  • 6 modules (6 weeks, 6-8 hour in total)
  • 6 simulations
  • 6 interactive exercises

Every organization that deals with the public will receive complaints. Criticism needs to be evaluated in a way that is systematic and orderly. This requires a deep awareness and responding behaviors and is used to create a positive impact.


  • New language – new scripts for better outcomes
  • Interactive exchange – avoiding triggers
  • Encouraging feedback – appropriate behavior reactions
  • Handling intimidation – tackling the fear of confrontation


  • 6 modules (6 weeks, 6-8 hours in total)
  • 4 case studies
  • 6 offline interactive group simulations


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Customer Relationship personnel must be able to provide insightful advice and friendly, hands-on information and support for customers in need. The job role means must be able to answer questions, explain situations with patience and compassion. Hospitality skills must be in line with the modern-day luxury customer expectations of hospitality.

Beyond having a deep understanding of the products and services, the CRM personnel should serve as a role model for the frontline team. They must learn to manage the floor similar to the lobby manager in a 5 star hotel. Its positions require a high standard of presentation and control techniques.


  • Exhibiting enthusiasm – navigating intrapersonal dynamics 
  • Friendly authority – communicate authenticity – exhibiting brand knowledge 
  • Living the values and mission – navigating intrapersonal dynamics


  • 4 modules (4 weeks, 4-6 hour in total)
  • 2 simulations
  • 3 case studies

Privacy laws and legislation affect the working methods and obligations of businesses when it comes to the handling of data.

The Opt-In program is an easy-to-navigate and interactive training module that is relevant to all frontline employees.


  • Privacy laws (market-related) –  key terminology and definitions
  • Case studies to illustrate the key principles and how they apply
  • Roles and responsibilities, managing and retaining frontline gathered data
  • Identifying data hazards and effective methods to avoid security breaches


  • 3 modules (3 weeks, 3 – 4 hours in total)
  • 3 case studies
  • 3 offline group simulations
  • 3 online individual simulations


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