Our Products

Management Program

Created for managers and top performing service advisors who aspire to perform at the highest levels. 

Frontline Program

Perform at a level that meets the high expectations of the customer.

Program Summary


It is an online holistic approach for behavior-based learning. The method involves feeding information to participants through many short lessons or modules instead of through a single long classroom-based program. 

The technique is able to address challenges associated with slow learners. Without taking care of micro-perspectives in the context of Behavior training and self-development,  a skill-based education cannot be imparted effectively.

The methodology involves identifying specific learning objectives and applying the “learning by doing” mantra. The content is based on real-world examples and is supported by videos, infographics, and demos.

The case studies / Simulation

The method is about trying to replicate real-life situations which are characterized by incomplete information and uncertainty and being forced to put yourself in the place of a decision-maker and doing something.

The ability to go through a number of cases over a period of time means you become well-practiced in the customer complaint domain but at the same time you become well-practiced in the domain of decision making under uncertainty and with incomplete information and that's a really important skill



A live online seminar that allows the host to share presentations, videos and other multimedia content. It provides an opportunity for participants to engage with an expert(s) and ask questions at any time and get an answer.

The chat feature enables orderly and discrete engagement between all those participating and helps build a human relationship between host and attendee.

Participants have the opportunity to have their concerns addressed in a personal, generally satisfying manner!

Instructor-led workshop

Virtual Instructor-led workshops utilizing a reliable cloud platform enables personalized and hands-on learning directly to participants.

Key benefits include dedicated time and space for learning and the approach also helps some people better absorb information.

Personalized learning allows content to offer a more tailored approach and answer specific questions on a 1:1 basis with participants.

Individual session

In one to one sessions, the instructor often initiates or organizes meetings or check-ins However, conversations are almost always participant driven where the participant has control over the questions they ask and the feedback they receive from their instructor.

Individual Sessions helps ensure the objectives are being met in a proactive manner. In Individual sessions, the coach or the Frameworks expert contributor can get to know participants fully and keep track of their progress, evaluating their successes and struggles.