Leadership & Management

Created for top performing employees who are motivated by the desire to succeed. The program focuses on each individual’s needs and desired improvements for the specific role in the organization. 

The program follows on from Elevation. Suitable for candidates being considered for management and future leadership. Participants are supported by webinar and individual coaching sessions.


  • Cloning and mentoring others
  • Challenges that push participants out of their comfort zone
  • Critical skills – interviewing, coaching and delegating effectively 
  • Advanced interpersonal skills – communication sideways and upwards
  • Flexibility – adapt to change and take on multiple responsibility


  • 4 modules (4 weeks, 4-6 hours in total)
  • 4 case studies/simulation
  • 4 group simulations

The program is designed to be provocative and challenge beliefs. The objective is to foster new thinking. Participants should be those who won’t accept anything but excellence. 

Participants will explore, discuss and take apart modern business beliefs, accepted norms, and myths.The program is designed to challenge management assumptions.


  • Demand more than the establishment think is possible 
  • Provide a clear developed sense of a problem and how to explain and relate
  • How to create relatable imagery to generate emotional support for change
  • Train managers to provoke change by cultivating a vision


  • 4 modules (4 weeks, 4-6 hours in total)
  • 4 case studies
  • 1 webinar sessions (1 hour)
  • 1 individual – panel (45 minutes)


Frontline Program

Driven is a sales program, primarily designed for both two- and four-wheeled vehicle frontline salespeople. Driven unifies frontline standards through behavior change. It combines sales processes with the human skills necessary to interact successfully with customers – meaning the quality of relationships ensures targeted sales results can be achieved.


  • In-depth best practice video demonstrations with subtitles
  • Supporting explanatory text and images
  • Case studies and guided discussions
  • Simulation exercises and roleplay that relates to day-to-day work issues


  • 6 modules (6 weeks, 6-8 hour in total)
  • 6 simulations
  • 6 interactive exercises

Sales Edge provides the necessary behavior techniques that are essential to becoming a high-performer in sales. These techniques are based on the foundation of knowledge, skill, and discipline. Each behavior technique is linked to a tool that makes up the Sales Toolkit, which is a living document to guide you through each and every step of the sales process.


  • Learn proven behavior techniques for being an effective salesperson, based our direct experience with some of the most successful companies in the world, both B2B and B2C.
  • Put more than 25 different tools into practice, building a personal Sales
  • Toolkit designed to help you at each phase of your sales process: preparation, contact, and scale.
  • Learn how to build discipline as a salesperson, and get a roadmap for how to develop meaningful, lasting habits for you and your team.


  • 6 modules (6 weeks, 7-10 hour in total)
  • 3 simulations
  • 4 case studies

Sales Edge

Privacy laws and legislation affect the working methods and obligations of businesses when it comes to the handling of data. 

The Opt-In program is an easy-to-navigate and interactive training module that is relevant to all frontline employees.


  • Privacy laws (market related) –  key terminology and definitions
  • Case studies to illustrate the key principles and how they apply
  • Roles and responsibilities, managing and retaining frontline gathered data
  • Identifying data hazards and effective methods to avoid security breaches


  • 3 modules (3 weeks, 3 – 4 hours in total)
  • 3 case studies
  • 3 offline group simulations
  • 3 online individual simulations

Every organisation that deals with the public will receive complaints. Criticism needs to be evaluated in a way that is systematic and orderly. This requires a deep awareness and responding behaviors and is used to create a positive impact.


  • New language – new scripts for better outcomes
  • Interactive exchange – avoiding triggers
  • Encouraging feedback – appropriate behavior reactions
  • Handling intimidation – tackling the fear of confrontation


  • 6 modules (6 weeks, 6-8 hours in total)
  • 4 case studies
  • 6 offline interactive group simulations


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