What can Frameworks help you do

We train employees to solve problems, perform specific tasks, and quickly update their skills.

Frameworks provide a deeper understanding of issues, making employees more effective.

Help employees contribute to an organization's strategy by aligning with an organization’s vision.

We can help your organization prepare the workforce for the post-pandemic world.

How to build a high performance team

High Performance Training is designed to create high performance working patterns. Anyone can use their personal high performance patterns to achieve better results

Unlike peak performance, Frameworks’ high-performance training modality is relevant for everyone, regardless of education, work experience, role or level of responsibility. 

High Performance Training provides sustainable outcomes, beyond expectations.

What you need

when it’s needed

The pandemic forced frontline processes to change overnight. Customer behavior changed almost as fast. 

The pandemic highlighted the need for a frontline training strategy wherein programs and content are delivered exactly when needed.

New and unpredictable customer behavior change requires a different approach, one that demands a fundamental change and moves control from the trainer to the employee.

Framework’s unique, but proven approach, provides employees with the information and training they need to solve problems, perform specific tasks, or quickly update their skills as and when it’s required.

A Proven Formula

Behavior change is at the core of High Performance training. 

Poor behaviors are substituted with optimum behaviors, using simple proven techniques that anyone can learn. 

Frameworks Behavior training formula utilizes a unique role play simulation system that allows for users to practice learned techniques in a safe environment.

Simulation role play is supported by Frameworks Behavior Tracking technology.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality voice and body recognition can especially aid High performance training. AI tracks employees body language, speech and vocal tone to then better animate simulations or create tailored interactions for behavior change. 

Virtual Reality training allows employees to develop their behavior in terms of communication, listening, adaptability, and problem-solving skills without relying on face-2-face roleplay or other potential socially undesirable situations. 

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