Because of the global pandemic, many of us have faced uncertainty due to social isolation, financial constraints, family, health and other issues. When you are stressed, you may feel worried, down, irritable, angry and unable to concentrate or make decisions.

It’s not only bad for your health and relationships but high levels of stress can have a huge negative impact on your motivation and your performance.

We need to learn how to manage our stress and behavior change may be the most effective way. Live longer, be happier and perform better.



1| Whoa, hold your horses

Identify and categorize to measure your stress

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2| Get your head out of the sand

How to recognize avoidance behavior

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3| Taking action is the key

Alter the pattern by removing and replacing

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4| You are the captain of your ship

Control what you can and accept what you can’t

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5| Good cop is better than bad cop

Assertive vs Aggressive

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6| Yes, you can

Simple behaviors to counter your triggers

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7| Stop bottling it and let go

How and when to reach out and talk

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8| Turn theory into practice

The essential do’s and the Don’ts (Behavior Tracking)

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