Our Behavior Tracker allows for a completely new approach to embedding a service culture. Behavior change does not happen overnight and needs a period of continuous encouragement and reminders. Unlike traditional training, it also requires you to engage daily.

The Behavior Tracker provides a structure and a tool to accomplish this. You will have access to your own data during the customer journey touchpoints that have never been available previously, to help measure your progress, pinpoint areas for improvement, and motivate real change. It’s the simplicity of it that makes it work.

Behavior Tracker

Secured sign-in with work email authentication

Quick & simple tracking features

Daily progress individual dashboard

Team ranking and motivation through Leaderboard


Track your performance

View progress of your goals

Make it part of your life

Log your behaviors to see how your new actions are improving your performance.

Get competitive

Stay motivated by sharing stats and challenging work mates.

Activate notifications

Reminders to gently nudge you forward

Access anywhere, any time

See your stats, goals, and insight from the convenience of your computer or mobile

Become the person you always wanted to be

Used daily, the outcome is Life Changing

Support group

Interact and share with new friends

It’s proven to work

Man or woman, young or old, it works for everyone