Behavior Tracker


The actions are repeated twice a day. It’s the number of interaction you have with customer(s) during the day. You may have more than 2 customer interactions, but you only need to track your behaviour with 2 customers.

Interaction (1 of 3)

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Interaction (2 of 3)

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Interaction (3 of 3)

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Actions description

Made & held left eye contact?

Make and hold contact in the customer’s left eye for 3 to 5 seconds, then look away and then start to make eye contact again. It makes you look extremely confident.
Self-talk: in your mind keep saying, “I must make eye contact – I must make eye contact”

Repeated keywords?

Repeat keywords or the last few words spoken. Be aware not to overdo it as this can become irritating and therefore a distraction from the message.
Self-talk: “I must listen out for small words to repeat but not too many”

Didn’t interrupt?

Interrupting makes the conversation last much longer. If you accidentally interrupt, quickly apologize and allow the speaker to continue.
Self -talk: “I must keep my mouth closed tight as a reminder to not interrupt”

Didn’t get distracted?

Put aside distracting thoughts, try to block out side conversations, people watching, and listen. Do not hold a pen or look at a computer or phone screen.
Self-talk: “Stop everything and focus on them – not me”

Nodded often?

A nod is helpful and doesn’t necessarily communicate that you agree with the speaker—only that you’re able to process the meaning of their message.
Self -talk: “I must keep nodding … keep nodding … keep nodding”