Freedom from Limitations

The extraordinary power of behavior change

Frameworks is a Behavior Company – the first of its kind.

The fact is, human limitations affect everyone. The purpose of behavior change is to enable a person to remove them.

Changing a pattern of behavior is not about the inner cause, but rather the behavior itself. This principle is at the core of the behavior company concept.

Frameworks has spent over a decade developing, testing and rolling out behavior training programs that have been proven to work.

We don’t claim to be experts in the fields of neuroscience or psychology. We are observers and we apply behavior change programs, solutions and tools based on observation and data.

Nick Stevens and Robert O’Connell formally became business partners in 2004. The partnership’s history goes even further back – all the way to 1995, when their paths first crossed in the South West of England.

Nick is from the UK and is a passionate rugby fan, a trained engineer, and a proud father of two daughters. When he and Robert first met, Nick was Group General Manager and Director of a global industrial company. 

Robert is Irish and a passionate Everton supporter, world traveler, ex-music promoter, and ex-tulip farmer. He is a former champion of the world egg smasher (disputed). When he and Nick first met, Robert was a successful painter and artist. 

Both shared a vision and Asia represented the opportunity. The decision was taken to form an entrepreneurial partnership as co-founders and directors of Frameworks in Singapore. 

In the early days, Frameworks offered video mystery shopping for automobile brands across 10 Asian markets. The Behavior Training concept evolved over time as it became increasingly apparent that a gap existed between what traditional training offered and the expectation of the clients.  

By 2019, Frameworks was conducting dedicated Behavior Training in over 30 markets across the globe. The pandemic in 2020 forced Frameworks to accelerate plans to transform to a fully digital business model. 

It’s been a long road but finally the experimenting, hard work, and research is coming to fruition. Today, this business is positioned to become a digital-based, behavior company – the first of its kind.   

Feelings, thoughts, and perceptions are complicated. Behaviors are simple. Spending time thinking about how to change will not bring about the desired behavior. It’s actually the other way around. Start with changing your behavior first and then your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions will fall into line.

The high-performing military elite, professional athletes, academics, and business people are not freaks of nature. They demonstrate behaviors that enable them, not just to perform better, but to sleep better, listen better, and incorporate creative ideas, which inevitably leads to higher performance.

Our minds seem to be programmed to think about what we want first, and then our mind wants us to wait until we feel like doing something before we actually do it. If you truly want to change your state of being, you have to move forward. You have to do something with your physical body in order to start the process of changing for the better. 

Frameworks’ mission is to provide universal access to behavior change techniques by making behavior training available for all. We believe that behavior change can help the human race to function better and bring an end to the destructive culture of making decisions that are not in our best interests.