Technical guide

Part 2: The Program

Step One: Enroll

1. Let’s get started! Before you start any lesson, the first step you have to do is enroll in the lesson.

2. To find your lesson, please go to the ‘Products’ page and click on ‘Learn more’ of the element you need to learn. For example, click Elevation/Breakout/Resolve.

3. Once you click, you will be able to see all the lessons from that element. Please click “see more..” to enrol the lesson

4. Click ‘Join’ to enroll.

Now it’s all set. You are ready to start your learning journey with Frameworks.

Step Two: In the lesson 

  1. Each lesson contains the following two elements:
  • Progress bar – shows your progression in each lesson
  • Lesson content – where the knowledge is.
  1. You must start at the very top. The system will automatically be marked yellow.

  1. In every section, there are 6 things that you must complete: 

Read it

It is important to be well-read the lessons. One major thing to keep in mind is that this is an investment in yourself. Being knowledgeable will, without a doubt, save you plenty of time in the long run.

Watch the videos

The videos are part of the lesson progression. You will not be able to ‘Mark complete’ or show more content until the end of the videos.