What can Frameworks do for your company

Help your organization navigate the impact of COVID-19 by preparing and training the workforce for the post-pandemic world

Fast track employees to solve problems, perform specific tasks, and update their skills and at a cost effective rate compared to traditional training

Align employees with your organization’s vision and by doing so, help them contribute to the organization's development

Make employees more effective through a deeper understanding of issues that affect their performance

High Performance -
powered by behavior change

Behavior change is at the core of High performance training. Behavior change works by systematically exposing a program user to a target behavior via observation, imitation, and reinforcement. The user rehearses the target behavior, receives positive reinforcement for successful performance, and repeats the sequence until learning is successful.

 This methodology is particularly useful for interpersonal skills, and its ability to directly affect positive behavior change.

 Frameworks’ high-performance training modality is relevant for everyone, regardless of education, work experience, role or level of responsibility.

What you need

When you need it

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way people live and do business. Customers are behaving differently, buying differently and, in many ways, thinking differently.

The post pandemic working environment requires a different training approach, one that demands fundamental change. Today, training needs to be able to respond, reset and renew.

Frameworks cloud-based, online delivery system replaces the classroom slog with vibrant, pared-down content that is activated only when needed. Data analytics and predictive modelling provide the basis for a new set of training metrics that measure genuine outcomes.

Practice makes perfect

The Frameworks Two-Way role play simulator replicates the sales environment by simulating real-world customer interaction situations. The role play system creates the same conditions for training time after time, which ensures that every participant receives the same experience and can repeat the simulation as often as is required to become proficient. It’s simple, easy to use and only requires an online connected hand held device or laptop.

Sustaining continuous improvement

Frameworks Behavior Tracker allows for a completely new approach to embedding a service culture. Behavior change won’t happen overnight and needs a period of continuous encouragement and reminders.

The Behavior Tracker provides a structure and a tool to accomplish this. Users have access to their own data during the customer journey touchpoints that have never been available previously, to help measure their progress, pinpoint areas for improvement, and motivate real change.

Secured sign-in with work email authentication

Quick & simple tracking features

Daily progress individual dashboard

Team ranking and motivation through Leaderboard

Online support via FAQ and Contact Coach features

Exciting New Products... Coming Soon

Solving the challenge of developing soft skills, at scale

aureka.me transforms the way a frontline retail person thinks and acts towards customers.

It is a digital platform that focuses on customer-centric, measurable, and sustainable frontline performance development.

This unique, app-based system enables personalised behavior change that is user-centric, efficient, and cost-effective.

aureka.me is currently in a prototype format. Please contact us for more information.

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