Who Invented Behavior Training?


We have always believed there is a better way to motivate people to do their best work rather than the traditional methods. So, we invented behavior training. And the results speak for themselves – just talk to any of the people and companies that have benefitted from this approach since 2005. Today, we’re focusing on digital delivery, which provides an exciting new opportunity for us to reach even more clients around the world. Our mission continues as we strive to make behavior change for good an inspiring part of everyday life.

Method is the Arithmetic of Success

A single delivery method can’t do everything well. Frameworks delivery methodology is a blended a mix of micro lessons, podcasts, webinars, screencasts and virtual instructor led training. This approach helps connect the dots for a much deeper understanding. Each of the training delivery methods is distinct but all help deliver on the same goal: they allow program participants to improve their behavior in settings and situations where they can actually use them. Frameworks proprietary apps, such as the Frameworks Behavior Tracker helps ensure every participant sustains the newly acquired behaviors and habits.

Motion Pictures are Made to Talk

Video has its limitations, but when employed well, it raises the absorption and interest levels of viewers. Quality video productions improves learner performance by allowing learners to explore and digest the content at their own pace. Video has a powerful impact on the brain because video is multi-sensory learning, which means learning through two or more senses. Content delivered by video impacts performance more than any other asset that can be displayed on a web page.

The following videos samples are from Frameworks-Online Suite of programs